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It’s in that whole weep-scab-weep-scab phase, and it’s right on the front of my pubic mound, so it rubs against my clothes when I sit down, and it’s at the same exact height as the sink in my bathroom. So I bump it all the time, which reminds it that OH BEING ITCHY AND MAYBE A LITTLE SORE WOULD BE FUN TODAY. It’s driving me bonkers. The scabby bits also get stuck in my hair, so I try to clean the weird crusty bits off and end up breaking them back open, and I have a hard enough time leaving bumps and scabs and things alone on my skin. Wearing clothing causes irritation, but running around the apartment with a skirt and no underwear means I absentmindedly poke at it.

Boyfriend will notice me messing with it, and he’ll come over and ask if I’m ok and be affectionate and comforting, which is nice. And then he’ll tell me to leave it alone, which is also probably a good thing.

I am fucking lacking in patience with you, outbreak. Time to heal the fuck up and go home.

I was a bad girl and broke my blisters.

There were 4 of them, and instead of being nice and clear they were white, like pimples, and that bugs the crap out of me.

Also, they itched. And that bugs the everliving fuck out of me.

So I broke them. Fuck you, blisters.

What I thought was an outbreak a week or so ago, was and wasn’t.

The rash on my pubic mound did eventually turn into the puffy white blisters, and they broke and weeped and scabbed, and eventually the scabs fell off.

The weird bump on my lip went away after two days. I still don’t know if it was just a fat lip, or a bug bite, or a pimple that didn’t quite form, or if it was an aborted oral herpes outbreak. I’ve never had oral herpes symptoms before, but it’s entirely possible that I caught it via oral sex, and my first and only outbreak was wildly mild. Considering so many people who have herpes experience no symptoms, and considering that my body is kinda starting to get the hang of the virus, and considering I took outbreak-strength Valtrex when it started happening, it’s possible. Not betting money on it either way.

The itchy patch of mini-blisters on my thigh scabbed (mostly because I scratched it open) and remained itchy and scaly and red. It didn’t act like herpes and didn’t go away when I took the pills. For a while I wondered if it was ringworm, because it didn’t quite look like poison ivy, but it is getting better on its own without anti-fungals. (Did you know that ringworm is actually a fungus, not a worm?) It’s still there, but it’s now just raised and red and doesn’t itch or have blisters anymore.

I find it really interesting that the outbreak happend and then started to heal before I finally broke down this weekend. My stress levels were at an all-time high when I wrote that last post, and I haven’t seen anything herpes-like since I hit that point. I know stress is supposed to be a trigger, but I’ll be damned if the correlation makes sense to me.

I hope ya’ll out there are healthy and doing well.


The following photos are of Day 3 and 5. The day 3 photos are the most painful/uncomfortable. On day 5, today, I can’t feel much of anything.

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Days 3 and 5 of a herpes outbreak on the back of her thigh.


Continuing from the post created yesterday, see photos of day two at the jump. You can see how quickly the bumps begin to blister. More details on symptoms are also included. 

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And here’s Day 2 of her outbreak. Those little blisters look so familiar. (Refer to the Day 1 pics to see the size of the area as compared to her fingers.)


Many followers have asked to see pictures of an outbreak. I woke up this morning to a new outbreak on the back of my leg. Click the link to see photos of Day 1. I have included my nails in one photo to show proportion. I am posting these pictures to show more realistic depiction of what a herpes outbreak looks like.

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thesexuneducated posted a couple pics of the herpes outbreak she currently has on the back of her leg. It’s difficult finding pictures on the internet that are not worst case scenario, so here ya go.

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