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HWerks, a website that specializes in dating and social networking for HSV+ and HPV+ people, has meet-up events throughout the year. There are larger, national events as well as smaller, more localized events. I know a lot of people I interact with online feel like they don’t have friends they can talk to in real life about living with HSV. Maybe an event near you would be a fun way to make some new friends!

An excerpt from their website:

National Events are held throughout the country and Canada! 100′s of people fly from all over to attend. These events are a great way to get out, have fun and meet others in the same boat! They are also a great way to meet other HWerks members!  Yes, everybody there will have herpes and or HPV!

Typically, a National Event is 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at a hotel and has an event fee that includes some food, snacks, beverages…etc. These events are not run by HWerks but rather by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The hotel does NOT know what the group is about for the privacy of the group. It is also expected to stay that way. They just see us a fun group of people there to have fun for the weekend.

As soon as the event websites are available, they will be posted here. Each event is different so please visit the event website for more details. Be sure to book your room early as room blocks can sell out quickly.

Note: These are just the National Events.  Many more smaller gatherings are organized by the local groups for people in their area throughout the country.  These events are posted within the individual groups and many are posted inside of HWerks.  Have a question? Please visit the National Event FAQ page.

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