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Anonymous Asked:
I was wondering if you could tell me more about the electric shock prodromal symptoms you are having (is it like, skin sensitivity?) and the symptoms your bf is having (hip pain), because I think I may have something similar. Do you get the feeling your hips feel really tight? Leg pain? How long does it last? Have you ever had a deep nerve pain in your joints? Does valtrex help with this? Sorry for all the questions, I'm wondering if this is HSV related and if you've found a solution.

My answer:

Hi! Yes, I will try.

During my very first outbreak, I experienced a kind of body ache, accompanied by skin sensitivity. Touching anything, moving, sitting, wearing clothes, not wearing clothes — everything hurt. This happens to me when I’m sick with a fever or have a flu, but it happens all over the body. With my Primary Outbreak, it happened only on part of my body — around my hips and thighs. This is a common symptom; when a source describes flu-like symptoms or muscle aches, that is in part what they mean.

Boyfriend has the aching in his hips during hisĀ recurrentĀ outbreaks, and probably some skin sensitivity as well. He did tell me that wearing jeans and moving around in them at work is pretty awful. He didn’t describe his hips as being tight, exactly, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that was happening and contributed to the discomfort in moving.

My outbreaks sometimes start off with the nerve lightening — jolts of pain in my labia that I can feel shooting down my nerves. It’s bad enough that I wince and twitch sometimes. It feels kind of like a sharp pinch, but inside my body, and lasts maybe a few hours, or an afternoon, and then subsides. After that I may have the skin sensitivity on my thighs throughout the outbreak, where touching anything sucks. Things also get really itchy all over my vulva, and sore in some places from the actual blisters and ulcers.

All of these are absolutely common and normal for a herpes outbreak, as are things like swollen lymph nodes. Prodrome means “A symptom or group of symptoms that appears shortly before an acute attack of illness. The term comes from a Greek word that means “‘running ahead of.’" That means that sometimes you’ll feel them before an outbreak starts, and taking Valtrex right away can stave off or lessen the severity of the outbreak. Sometimes you’ll have prodromal symptoms, and do nothing, and then the outbreak won’t come.

I’ve never personally had joint pain, but it’s definitely a thing. And nerve pain makes sense because that’s where the virus resides. It travels down you nerves to the skin, reproduces (causing an outbreak), and then retreats down your healthy nerves towards your spine, becoming invisible to your immune system.

My personal solution is to take ibuprofin for the pain, any maybe soak in a warm, soothing bath. Valtrex or other anti-viral herpes medications might help, too. (Valtrex shortens outbreaks by making it difficult for the virus to reproduce. Other drugs may work differently.)

If you have any other solutions, I’d love to hear and share them!

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